About Qard - How we want to finance e-commerce and e-merchants
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Financing e-commerce made simple.

Qard is an e-financier aiming at revolutionising the e-commerce industry by financing its most active and profitable sellers to increase their revenues and growth. Qard provides funds for inventory, working capital, and seasonal needs through debts or profit sharing financing.

Qard uses cutting edge technology to assess investment opportunities in online businesses, on more criteria than a simple credit score. Qard will then provide the best profiles with funds on a profit sharing model allowing more flexibility for the business and higher return for the investors.

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Thanks to it’s AI based approach, Qard is bringing a better way of investing in small businesses through profit sharing Model. The profit sharing models gives a flexbility of repayment to the business and higher return to the investor. Qard deploys numerous algorithms to monitor the relationship through the investment period and eliminate information asymmetry.


Qard is built on an advanced technology based on deep machine learning algorithms, allowing a selection of the best investment opportunities in small business within the retail industry and particularly for online players. Small business are able to get fair and final decisions, followed by tailored to their needs offers, within minutes.


As an e-financier Qard is betting on the future, and the future is bright for the ethical finance. In addition to its flexible repayment model that allows small business to thrive, Qard has set a framework within its assessment process to encourage small business with an ethical dimension.

How do we do?

Using its inhouse technology Qard selects the best deals to invest, through its financial partners or its network of private qualified investors.

Qard is currently creating a fund investing in successful small businesses. Institutional and private investors will be able to buy into our fund.
We are building the first french e-financier made specially for SMEs focusing on online marketplaces.

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Our team


Azzeddine Chaibrassou


Nicolas Bomont


Vincent Peguillet

Where to find us


F10 Incubator & Accelerator
Förrlibuckstrasse 10 8005 Zurich


Le Plateau - Société Générale
6 Allée des Sablons, 94120 Fontenay-sous-Bois


Darwin Eco-système
87 Quai des Queyries, 33100 Bordeaux